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Carroll County's Best Winner 2011

Livestrong article on Self Esteem Camps for Kids
Sunshine Kids' Club Camp gains recognition for it's focus on enhancing the self esteem of children through play and activities. Read page here.


Sunshine Kids Club is the largest summer camp provider of school-age children entering pre-kindergarten through seventh grade in Carroll County. Knowing that children need and want more to do during their summer months than to hang inside and watch cartoons or play video games all day, and realizing that parents need quality, convenient, and affordable camp options, are a few good reasons why we created Sunshine Kids Club Camp.

Our Purpose at the Sunshine Kids Club
At Sunshine Kids Club, the children play an active part in deciding which clubs, sports, and activities will be offered. Their involvement in helping to choose the curriculum gives them a sense of ownership in our program that is not found elsewhere. We strongly believe that children need to have choices, and we work hard to provide a variety of opportunities for the children to be able to make choices.

The welfare and safety of your child is our first concern. We realize that each child is different, and we truly strive to provide a program that provides both flexibility and stability to ensure that your child’s needs are met. Your child is important to you.....and to us! That is why we encourage an open relationship between our parents and staff. Only by working together, can we provide your child with a loving, understanding, and safe environment while they are at their home away from home.

Sunshine has proven exceptional care for the children of Carroll County for over 16 years! With our open door policy, we encourage you to visit our location anytime to see how we do it!


Sunshine Kids Club Camp Goal

Our goal at Sunshine Kids’ Club Camp is to provide an exceptional and stable child care environment for children entering Pre Kindergarten through seventh grade. The physical environment our summer camp location is comfortable, safe, secure, recreational, educational and fun. The camp is free from hazards and has a predictable routine that is appropriate for the age and abilities of all the children enrolled.

At Sunshine we recognize that participating in many activities offered positively impacts a child's life in more ways than just the obvious physical benefits. The sense of accomplishment children gain from playing sports, seeing themselves improve and succeed, really enhances their confidence and self-esteem. Playing team sports and participating in the different activities together helps kids learn necessary socialization skills, including how to work with others, and provides the framework for developing lifelong friendships and working relationships. And, finally, kids learn valuable life lessons, such as the importance of setting goals, all the while knowing that it's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game that counts.

As such, we have made it our goal to offer a camp program for children that promote the importance of these values. We can think of no finer purpose than helping a child reach their full potential in life through their experiences at our summer camp. With the continuity of care provided everyday, children are allowed to explore their environment and choose from a wide variety of fun-oriented activities, sports and educational materials for their use.

Sunshine Kids Club Objectives
Children should look forward to coming each day, have fun and enjoy the time they spend at the camp. Their routine will never be taken so seriously as to restrict spontaneity or playfulness in either the children or the staff. Children should be children first. They should enjoy their childhood by building friendships, explore new interests with other children and with each staff member. They should be allowed to express their feelings. The importance of cooperation, friendship, teamwork, decision making, responsibility, trust and distinguishing between right and wrong through their experience will be emphasized continuously.

Program Description
We feel that Sunshine Kid’ Club Camp is a truly unique experience. We are a comprehensive sports & recreation facility.

We designed Sunshine Kids Club Camp with one goal in mind; to enhance your child's self-esteem and self- confidence. We thrive on an active, dynamic agenda, designed to show each child what he or she can do, not what they can't. When you put it all together, Sunshine Kids Club Camp is an experience your child will never forget!!! The summer camp setting is a happy, structured, supervised, stable environment. Your child will receive substantial adult interaction and plenty of attention. There is a special focus on developing the full potential of each child, including those who demonstrate gifted or special talents. The program environment is structured to provide realistic challenges for each child based on his or her own unique abilities, interests, and talents. Emphasis is placed on creating an accepting and nurturing attitude towards each child, and instilling a good sense of self-esteem and pride in achievement.

Sunshine Kids Club Attitude Towards Children
Caregivers should love children and enjoy being around them. They should be non-judgmental and supportive of each child’s own ethnic, religious and cultural heritage. They should treat all children equal providing each child with the same opportunities and encouragement. They should respect children as unique individuals and should value each child’s own ideas and opinions. They should be affectionate, calm, cheerful, empathetic, energetic, kind, loving, patient, and sensitive. They should be attentive to each child’s needs and feelings. We expect this not only from ourselves, but also from every staff member, substitute, guest and parent.

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